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Erotic typography

Finally! A typeface to go with erotic material!

Meet...Bound! (NSFW!)

Yes, I'm being sarcastic. I can barely read the thing, lol. I spend too much time trying to see what the letter is actually based on.
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Look at me, posting twice in the New Year already! Woo hoo!

One of the highlights of 2006 for me was finding a writing partner. Neither of us intended it to happen; we just kind of fell into each other’s lives. Pepper Espinoza is another erotic romance author, and though we had published at the same house and had mutual friends, we’d never really crossed paths until last winter. Oddly enough, I don’t think my life will ever be the same because of her.

On the surface, we shouldn’t work. I’m a primarily paranormal author who plots heavily and dreads writing smut scenes, and Pepper has always published contemporary erotica with light plot and heavy sex. I’m a control freak who hates not knowing what’s coming next and can’t even start a story without knowing how it’s going to end, and Pepper gets a vague notion and runs with it, often not having a clue where she’s going or how she’s going to get there.

But for some insane reason, we thrive together. I’ve learned to let go and fly by the seat of my pants, and she’s been forced to think a little bit more about where she’s going, lol. It started out as a lark, but we loved our first collaboration so much that we decided we absolutely had to get it into print. And we did - well, will. “Chasing Silver,” a paranormal/time travel, comes out with Juno Books in the fall of 2007. So we decided to try again. Our second shot, “Craving Kismet,” was my first full-length attempt at contemporary erotic romance. Surprise, surprise, we sold that one, too, this time to Samhain Publishing, and that’s now scheduled for an August 2007 release.

Why am I talking about all this? Because I’ve spent the past three days writing a 14k short story with Pepper to submit to Samhain for their summer anthology. It’s called “Liaisons in Jubilee,” and features some erotica we’ve never tried together before. And this weekend, we’re working on a novella to submit to the one publishing house we shared before hooking up. I have to take advantage of her time while I can, you see. Next week, she starts her new semester of teaching and graduate studies. I’m going to lose her to responsibility. It’ll give me time to focus on my own stories, but I’m still going to miss it. I’m greedy that way. ;)
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A brand new year

Well, like so many other people in the world today, I've made my resolutions for the upcoming year. Some of them are personal, some of them are extensions of things I'm already doing in my life that I want to continue, and some of them are meant to get me more out in the open about my writing. One of them is posting in this LJ on regular basis. I've been horribly lax in this journal, and I need to rectify that.

So, starting today, I'm going to be posting 3 times a week here - Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I'm probably going to come up with some kind of schedule of what's going to be posted, like one day for published works, one for personal/fun, and one about my process or works in progress. But that'll probably be mostly for my edification than anybody else's, lol.

So...I hope everybody had a wonderful New Year, and I look forward to sharing with you over the upcoming year!
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Giveaway winners!

I compiled the list yesterday, and sadbhyl drew the numbers. We had 27 entrants; thank you to everyone who participated!

The winners are:

Jenine (Kiwichick) - a copy of "Chains of Jericho"
kimbyann - a copy of "And a Star to Steer Her By"
sammywol - choice of any Linden Bay Romance title

Congratulations! I'll be contacting everyone this morning about their wins. :)
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Free Giveaway!

It’s time for another giveaway!

In honor of “Chains of Jericho” making it to the EPPIE finalist list, I’m conducting a prize drawing, giving away three prizes:

- a copy of “Chains of Jericho”
- a copy of “And a Star to Steer Her By” by my very good friend, Philippa Grey-Gerou
- winner’s choice of any Linden Bay Romance title

It’s going to be very simple. Simply respond to this entry with your name and e-mail address. All entries will be screened to protect your information. Sign-ups will go through 1/17/06. Then, on 1/18/06, three random entries will be picked. I’ll contact each of the winners at that point to let them know what they’ve won, as well as announce it here on my Livejournal.

Good luck!
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EPPIE Finalist

I received notification in my e-mail this morning that my book published with Linden Bay, "Chains of Jericho," is a finalist in the Erotica with paranormal elements category of the 2006 Eppie's!!! There were 59 nominated books, and the finalist list isn't on the site yet, but last year had 7 finalists, so I imagine there's about that many this year. But...squee!!!!!

Today is going to be a good day!
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My first review!

So, do this make me a real author now? :) My first review for "Chains of Jericho" has come in, much to my surprise.

Collapse )

This is in their newsletter and is under their copyright. It won't be up at the site for awhile yet, but needless to say, I'm rather chuffed. It lights a fire under me to start the next book now. :)
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Welcome to the LJ for my original fic stuff! Woo hoo!

I can't believe the day is here. Granted, it happened with a story I didn't expect, but I'm certainly not going to knock it. I loved writing Chains. I still adore the characters; it was incredibly hard to let them go when I was done. And since moxie_fic already gave me permission to consider it a series if I want, I've already started work on the sequel. Presumptuous, I know, but I couldn't help it. :)

Anyway, I'm probably going to use this LJ for announcements about upcoming work, questions, contests, that kind of thing. I don't know how often it's going to get updated to be honest. I guess time will tell.

I don't suppose any talented people out there might consider making me icons for this LJ? Something for Chains and something generic for Vivien? There could be something in it for you, if you do... :)

Oh, and Welcome Again!
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